Judging Cannabis Yield - Wet V. Dry Weight & The Gram/Watt Ratio 2

Judging Cannabis Yield – Wet V. Dry Weight & The Gram/Watt Ratio

Today I explain the basics of how you know if you got a good weight for the size of your grow. Outdoor growers have too many factors to contend with in order to judge their grow quantitatively….they need to figure out the quality of the bud, for which I have a different episode…and maybe judge quantity after doing multiple harvests. But indoor growers can take the quantitative approach for obvious reasons relating to their light source & maximum canopy ceiling. Today on Lex’s World I explain the difference between wet weight and dry weight and why its important to time your weigh in correctly. Marijuana loses about 70-80% of its weight in its first week after cut down. I also discuss the Gram per Watt ratio, which is a simple calculation to figure out if you achieved the 0.5 grams/watt that are considered competitive in this day and age. 1 Gram per watt is great! At least for now…lol

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