Lavoy Ambushed, Scalia Poisoned, Law Corrupted, Chicago Politics 3 9 16 2

Lavoy Ambushed, Scalia Poisoned, Law Corrupted, Chicago Politics 3 9 16

Lavoy Ambushed, Scalia Poisoned, Law Corrupted, Chicago Politics
1) Robert LaVoy Finnicum Ambushed – Obama had Lavoy, Bundy associate, ambushed and assassinated on the road to John Day, Oregon, where he was to give a speech on land rights at a local senior center. Eyewitness Victoria Sharp reports that the FBI had at least twenty snipers with laser dots on the four people in the vehicle that was stopped with no reasonable suspicion or probable cause. The FBI shot Lavoy when he had his hands up, blasting the group with 120 bullets. No one in the group fired a shot or held a weapon. 2) Scalia Assassinated – Obama had Scalia poisoned, probably with an injection of the succinylcholine, (Succinylcholine causes rapid muscle breakdown resulting in life-threatening heart rhythms and cardiac arrest) which would have made the death look like a heart attack. Scalia’s body was then secretly delivered to a funeral home where the corpse was embalmed and bodily fluids were flushed down the sewer too prevent DNA analysis that could discover the poison. Scalia did not have his customary security detail guarding him at the time of death. There was no autopsy, which could have discovered a needle mark. There was no chemical analysis of Scalia’s bodily fluids, a far less intrusive investigation than a complete autopsy, because of the deliberate and immediate destruction of evidence. A judge, several hundred mails way, by way of telephone, pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes. A ex-chief medical examiner with the City of New York said that poisoning would not have been apparent without chemical analysis or an autopsy. 3) Fed Lays Legal Land Mines – Federal crimes no longer need Mens Rea, or guilty mind, now that the Obama Mob had issued over 20,000 illegal laws like those that give big prison time for using a dog leash longer than six feet, surfing in a swimming area, or impersonating a 4-H logo.


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