Liquid Light - Chemical Reaction with Luminol 2

Liquid Light – Chemical Reaction with Luminol

Hello everyone, today we will conduct a very interesting experiment with an interesting substance called luminol. This substance will emit light under certain conditions. So to begin, let’s prepare a solution of luminol. For that let’s scale about 0.2 gram of luminol in a large glass, furthermore adding there 12 g of baking soda and half a gram of copper sulfate. Next, pour half a liter of water to our mixture. Then, add a small amount of ammonia solution and a few drops of sodium hydroxide solution. Luminol dissolves much better in an alkaline solution. After that, mix it up, so that everything dissolves well. And here we have prepared our first solution. Next, let’s take another beaker and add there about 5 milliliters of thirty percent hydrogen peroxide, and dilute the entire volume of the solution to half a liter. And here we have prepared both solutions. Now we will conduct the reaction itself. Take 50 ml of each solution. Turn off the lights and merge them together. As you can see, a very beautiful glow occurs. Luminol emits light for a few seconds. After that the glow begins to fade gradually. This is the basic drawback of luminol. In fact, to achieve a longer lasting glow it needs new materials to be added constantly. Light emission occurs because luminol is oxidized by hydrogen peroxide, and the resulting new substance creates a photon, which is a particle of light. Also, for a more effective reaction, I have prepared such an interesting system. I will pour both solutions on top of the funnel, they will mix in a tube and we will see a very nice glowing effect in motion. There is another method of the luminescence of luminol. To do it, I took a two-tenths of a gram of luminol and dissolved it in a one percent alkali solution. Also, I have added about 10 milliliters of thirty percent hydrogen peroxide to the solution. To start the glowing reaction, I just add a catalyst, either red blood salt or potassium ferrocyanide. Facebook:


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