Liquid methane CH4 and Solid acetylene C2H2 2

Liquid methane CH4 and Solid acetylene C2H2

Some reactions with methane, nitromethane and acetylene.
Reaction timing:
0:26 solid acetylene evaporation
0:46 solid acetylene burning C2H2 + O2 air
1:05 liquid methane burning CH4 + O2 air
1:17 liquid methane + liquiid oxygen CH4 + O2
1:50 nitromethane + liquid oxygen CH3NO2 + O2
2:15 nitromethane + decaborane CH3NO2 + B10H14
3:25 solid acetylene + liquid oxygen C2H2 + O2
3:55 solid acetylene + liquid chlorine C2H2 + Cl2
4:42 silver acetylide decomposition Ag2C2 + bright light
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