Marijuana Extraction Is the Next Mega Trend in This Booming Industry [POTcast #3] 2

Marijuana Extraction Is the Next Mega Trend in This Booming Industry [POTcast #3]

In this video I talk about a new mega trend for the cannabis industry: Marijuana extraction. This sector is set to grow more than 400%, and it will make up more than half of Canada’s marijuana industry. I also discuss the four major publicly traded marijuana extractors, and their role in the industry. Read more at

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I joined Banyan Hill in 2017 as a research analyst. A market “outsider,” I use my science background to create an objective view of investments. This approach allows me to overcome the emotional biases that plague the average investor. My background in biogeography taught me to analyze giant data sets for specific patterns. That translates perfectly to financial research, and I now apply those tools to find opportunities to profit in natural resources.

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