Marketing the Unmarketable: Promoting your cannabis brand when the rules are foggy. 2

Marketing the Unmarketable: Promoting your cannabis brand when the rules are foggy.

How do you market a cannabis company when the rules are so strict for promoting this type of business? Many online platforms don’t allow you to publish content about cannabis and the fines and penalties for marketing this product incorrectly are extremely severe and steep.

You need an expert who knows how to navigate those uncharted waters. That expert is Malka Labell whose mission it is to disrupt the way the industry is allowing, or rather disallowing, cannabis to be marketed and promoted.

Join us in this second episode of Bold Moves where we talk to Malka about how she helps her clients promote their cannabis based business through her marketing agency The Green Generation Company.

Bold Moves is a podcast for introverted female entrepreneurs (IFEs). IFEs like myself need a a little more coaxing and persuasion to put our steak in the ground, own our power, voice and path to success.

I’m sharing stories of entrepreneurs who have made bold moves in their lives and careers to inspire you to get out there and do your own thing. I want to help bridge the gap between ideas and action so that you can have the confidence to go out and crush it yourself!

Be apologetically you! Be BOLD!

Connect with Malka at:
Twitter: @greengenco1
Linkedin: Malka labell

Download Malka’s free Cannabis marketing e-book here:

Connect with me at
or on Instagram @beboldbranding


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