Metalier Liquid Metal is a real metal coating. 2

Metalier Liquid Metal is a real metal coating.

Metalier coatings, as you will see in this video, contain real metal which is mixed with a binder and is then sprayed for a smooth finish. The real meat coating is then sanded and polished and you can add patina or wax to make the metal change colour and to make patterns.
Metalier real metal coating can also be textured for a different effect. You can see in our Lyrical video on this Youtube channel, that the metal, in a tooth-paste like consistency can be swirled round a board to create interesting effects. When the metal is cured and the tops sanded the real metal coating takes on another look, depending how far down you sand it.
If you want to use Metalier real metal coating you need to understand that it doesn’t just involve spraying, or rolling or making mud pies. That’s part of it — the first part of it — but equally important is the finishing, the sanding, bristling and polishing that exposes the metal in all its glory.
Metalier real metal coatings are very durable. When you mix the binder with the metal the ratio of metal by weight might be 60-75%. By the time the binder is sanded away the metal content we estimate is 95%. You might well ask why we don’t use less binder — well I’m told that you need a certain ratio to get the product out of the gun and to have sufficient fluid even to make those mud pies. It makes sense when you think about it.
You need training to understand how to apply and finish Metalier’s real metal coating but once you’ve put in the practice and become proficient, you can be creative and daring and make Metalier Liquid Metal real metal coating your own.


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