Mold Making Techniques - Sculpting The Mother Mold (Pt.1) Smooth-on liquid Silicone 2

Mold Making Techniques – Sculpting The Mother Mold (Pt.1) Smooth-on liquid Silicone

mold making and casting prop skulls. How to make a skull mold for making skulls and sculpting clay to make a matrix, case, blanket, or also known as a mother mold. In this first part 1 video how to tutorial we share step-by-step how we sculpt and shape water based sulfur free sculpting clay around one of our plaster skulls. These instructions and techniques given will prepare the skull or bust for the two part hard shell or jacket we make in the second video. The goal is to shape the clay around the outside of the skull to the shape of the inside of the mother mold also known as matrix molds, case molds, or blanket molds. You can use several materials for the outer jacket like Ultracal plaster, fiberglass, resin, or plastics. For this example I will be using a fiber filled trowelable Plastic Paste product you will see in the following videos. I build a little plywood base plate or form with wooden straight edges slightly taller on the sides to help roll the desired thickness I want the clay to be. I use petroleum jelly and a ease release agent spray to reach all the undercuts inside the eye sockets and nose areas. There are several great how to videos on the market with professionals that have much more experience and tricks up their sleeves and there are several ways to do a mold similar to this style. Mold making is an art form and its the end result and functionality is what I think is important. I really wanted to show anybody interested in mold making and give them some answers and concepts to the many questions I had when I started out on this project and at the same time help prevent some of the mistakes that I made first time out. There are several places to purchase fake or realistic looking skulls and often times the more realistic and detailed they are the more they cost. This can get expensive if your needing 30 or more skulls for a catacomb scene, motion picture film shoot or a Halloween yard or home haunt. A well built skull mold is one way to help keep the over all cost of your project down in the long run. Although some of the materials to get started will have some cost attached to it like silicone rubber, clay, resins, plaster, or fiberglass for instance, it should pay off in the end. So if your a do it yourself type of a person with a little time and patience than this video may help you get some ideas for your future skull mold making project. This video is the first in a series of videos that will take you through all the steps we took to make the style mold we use all the time to make our Halloween skull props. We place these skulls all throughout our home and yard haunt and inside our walk through maze and crypt mausoleums. We created a whole catacomb wall behind our foam crypt coffin prop we had last year. We cast them with hard plaster and drilled holes and glued 3/8″ bolts into the backs to make mounting to the wall easier. We really hope these videos help with your future mold making projects and you enjoyed watching them. Thanks for not laughing at my professional sculpting tools like a flat head screw driver. I use whats with in reach!
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