Natural Wonder Drug About to Become Purer & Radically Affordable 2

Natural Wonder Drug About to Become Purer & Radically Affordable

What misunderstood natural drug offers outstanding cancer pain relief, reduces seizures, and manages chronic pain, all without the addictive effects and risk of overdose imposed by “conventional” opioids? Brad Eckenweiler CEO and Director of Lifestyle Delivery Systems, joins Reluctant Preppers to dispel potential misconceptions about this natural wonder drug, and lays out how his company is making it radically more consistent, accessible and affordable to those with real unmet needs. A thought-provoking interview to expand your options!
* Company Mission and differentiation for individual’s health? To control material, growth, genetics, supply chain, & manufacturing internally to deliver quality at affordable cost.

* For people who have reservations about potentially addictive drugs, or gateways to more serious drugs, what do you think they need to understand about cannabis?

* Benefits of cannabinoids (THC) vs. opiates.. fewer side-effects, can be a gateway AWAY from opiates!

* Since many people see pharmaceutical companies as being focused on profits despite serious risk & side effects, at the expense of the wellness and the well being of patients, what do you think are the driving factors behind that view, and how does your company’s approach differs?

* What are your company’s current projects, future plans?

* Have you had to overcome any obstacles since this is such a new sector?

* Where do you see the cannabis space in 5 years to 10, years out?

* For people who want to gain more self-reliance and increased independence from institutions, how does your product enable individuals to prepare to handle health challenges with greater independence?

* Rates of addiction and overdose are negligible for cannabinoids vs. opioids.

* How can those who are interested find out more about your company, and participate in its benefits?

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