NBOMe-type Hallucinogens 2

NBOMe-type Hallucinogens

The NBOMe-type hallucinogens are novel psychoactive substances that are potent hallucinogens. NBOMe-type hallucinogens are not “synthetic LSD” and in fact, are not related to LSD in any way. Instead, the NBOMe-type hallucinogens are analogs of the 2C-type hallucinogens, including 2CB and 2CI – more closely related to mescaline than LSD. Dovetail has produced a short 20 minute video presentation about the NBOMe hallucinogens, which includes the history of the substances, the health risks and effects, as well as an overview of some of the seizures of NBOMe. NBOMe has appeared in various forms including on blotter paper sold as LSD, pressed tablets sold as ecstasy, capsules, liquid or powder. This potent hallucinogen can cause significant harm, and there are some important harm reduction messages for workers.

More information on NBOMe
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