NEW AGE "spirit guides" - Shamanism and "sorcery" - DMT Spirit Molecule 2

NEW AGE "spirit guides" – Shamanism and "sorcery" – DMT Spirit Molecule

Is DMT really the “Spirit Molecule?” Seeing entities in the 4th dimension, higher dimensions, lower dimensions, cryptids, interdimensional aliens… and many see the ancient entities that we now call pagan Mythological creatures, gods and fallen angels.

Sorcery, meditation, wicca, shamanism, channeling and pharmaceuticals


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Credit for clips / Links to full videos:

DMT with KJ from ScariestMovieEver channel:

Flakka footage from RevMichelleHopkinsMann:

Holy Bible, book of revelation, great awakening, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Christianity, religion, spirituality, physics dimensions, interdimensional, multiverse, universe, new age, science, angels paranormal supernatural wicca shaman


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