New Terpene Discovery In Nor Cal! HD 2

New Terpene Discovery In Nor Cal! HD

Terpenes are the hottest thing is Cannabis! Whether you’re creating vapor pens with your extracts, flavoring clear and distilled extracts, or dunking your dabs, Connoisseur Concentrates has the Terpene Solution for you! With over 20 different profiles including Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG, Tangerine, The Cheese and more, you can now turn any extract into liquid for your vapor pens without the need for PG and PEG. Have you thought about starting a vapor pen company? Are you currently using PG in your vapor pen company? Replace the PG! Terpenes are the hottest new thing and we make it super simple to integrate this into your extracts. Just mix, heat and stir and you have an amazing vapor pen Solution. Just check our reviews, our terpenes are flying off the shelf as fast as we can make them! Head to for more info. Other companies charge up to $100 a gram for terpenes, ours start at $5 a gram and go down from there! Bulk pricing for your company, cash discounts and amazing flavors will take your program to the next level- and sample packs start at $80 bucks!


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