Next Level Dab Making: Rosin Presses 2

Next Level Dab Making: Rosin Presses

Rosin tech dab-making is changing the hash world. And while there will always be a place for squishing on a budget, those who take the craft of making rosin hash seriously have shifted to using highly calibrated presses. These machines expertly extract marijuana’s essential oils, creating a solventless, dabbable hash that can compete with most concentrates on the market.

HIGH TIMES senior cultivation editor Danny Danko stopped by Rosin Technologies in Corona, California to learn more about these presses and the process of making high-end rosin.

Rosin Technologies developed a pneumatic press that uses smaller heated plates in conjunction with cooling plates to consistently achieve a high quality product. The company also uses specially developed “tea bag” filters when pressing, which help separate plant material from the extracted oil, resulting in cleaner dabs.

Visit to learn more about their presses and filters and stay tuned to for more on rosin tech hash.


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