Open Source Saves The Industry 2

Open Source Saves The Industry

How open source technology research may save the industry from itself, and big corporations. Last year, multi-national companies filed thousands of patents covering everything from specific cannabis strains, to technology, to using cannabinoids as pharmaceuticals. These companies are trying to legally squeeze out everyone else in the industry by bracketing IP. The only way to make this an industry for everyone is to make strains, technology and cannabinoids open source.

Speaker: Dustin Powers

The founder of GoodLifeGang and the Future4200Forum, Dustin has pioneered multiple breakthroughs in the industry, from the beginnings of ethanol extraction to pesticide remediation.

Like many of you, GoodLifeGang leader and open source fanatic Dustin Powers is in love with Cannabis.

After dropping out of college, Dustin has gone on to pioneer multiple breakthroughs in the industry, from the beginnings of ethanol extraction to pesticide remediation, he’s made a name for himself as the guy who gives out the knowledge for free, a model he learned while working directly under GreyWolf of SkunkPharm notoriety for 18 months.
After 3 years, and several hundred consulting jobs, he started to enable more people to freely access and distribute Cannabis processing knowledge.

His latest endeavour, the GoodLifeGang, a membership discount club built on permaculture principals for cannabis processors, is making waves in the industry. By empowering its members to “level up together”, the GLG has become a rapidly growing community of like minded cannabis individuals.

This video is from the Microscopes & Machines conference in LA.

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