Phytochemical test for Tannin (solution pharmacy) 2

Phytochemical test for Tannin (solution pharmacy)

Herbal drugs are one of the most used sources of the drug. this gives beneficial action without or fewer side effects. but when these herbal drugs are adulterated with substandard drug or superficially alike drug, its potency and quality changed. to check or evaluate the purity and quality of herbal drug we must go for a phytochemical screening test including- (1) Test for alkaloid (2) test for Flavonoid (3) test for Tennis (4) test for saponin (5) test for cardiac glycoside etc. in pharmacognosy and botany practicals, these phytochemical test becomes very important to find out the presence of active constituents in given crude drug sample.
A quantity (2-5g) of the powdered drug was boiled with a sufficient volume of 45% ethanol or water for 5 min. The mixture was cooled and filtered. The filtrate was subjected to the following tests:
(1) Lead sub-acetate test: 1 ml of the filtrate was added to 3 drops
of the lead sub-acetate solution. A cream gelatinous precipitate
indicates the presence of tannins.
(2) Ferric chloride test: A quantity (1 ml) of the filtrate was diluted
with distilled water and added 2 drops of ferric chloride. A transient
greenish to black colour indicates the presence of tannins.

Ferric Chloride test- Powdered plant leaves of the test plant (1.0 g) are weighed into a beaker and 10 ml of distilled water are added. The mixture is boiled for five minutes. Two drops of 5% FeCl3 are then added. Production of a greenish precipitate was an indication of the presence of tannins. Alternatively, a portion of the water extract is diluted with distilled water in a ratio of 1:4 and few drops of 10% ferric chloride solution is added. A blue or green color indicates the presence of tannins

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