Probiotics | Boost Immunity | Prevent Sickness– Thomas DeLauer 2

Probiotics | Boost Immunity | Prevent Sickness– Thomas DeLauer

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Probiotics | Boost Immunity | Prevent Sickness– Thomas DeLauer…
I want to start this video off by saying that our gut’s good bacteria, bad bacteria, our entire biome in our guts is a very, very complex thing and we’re only starting to scratch the surface on what it can do for us and what we can do for it. But in this video, I want to help clear some things up. I want to explain how gut bacteria plays a big role in our immune system and how by taking care of our guts, we truly can reduce the instances of how often we get sick and how we can truly help our bodies be in the best position possible to get in amazing shape, but also feel absolutely great.

So let’s talk about what is happening in the gut for a second. Okay. We have a plethora of different bacteria in the gut, usually falling under two categories.

The lactobacillus group, and we have the bifidobacteria group. Now, within these two groups, there are thousands of different subspecies of bacteria that do a multitude of different things within the body, but at the end of the day, they really comprise our immune system and they comprise the ability to digest and break down food. In fact, I’m not sure if you knew this, but 80% of our immune system is actually in our guts.

Now, it may not have always been this way, but we’re evolving as a species to where bacteria and overall health of our gut biome is super critical to our immune system, and it’s not just a matter of good bacteria fighting with bad bacteria, going to battle. It’s a matter of how this good bacteria and bad bacteria reacts with a very specific cell in our intestinal track. These are called epithelial cells.

Now, the epithelial cells normally are thought of as the cells that start to absorb food and help facilitate the breakdown and absorption. And they do. But a bigger piece of what they do as far as the immune system is concerned, is they actually interact with bacteria to modulate our immune system and modulate different responses.

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