Pure Michigan Clones to Bud 2

Pure Michigan Clones to Bud

4 Gorilla Glue #4 clones on Day 50 F – Flush Time!
1 Gorilla Glue Clone on day 8 F in 3×3 tent
Lighting: 883 Watts in Flower Tent & 450 Watts in 3×3 flower tent
Crecer Lighting PanthrX -American Made 643 watts from Wall with Dimmers I pd $675
Total PPF (umol/s): 1552.6 umol/s
Total Lumens: 97,784.45 lm
Efficiency (umol/J): 2.49 umol/J
CCT color Temperature: 3600K
China Made 240 Watt R-Spec Quantum Board pd $125 & $40 to the U.S.
3×3 tent lights: 300 watt 6 Cob China light & 150 watt 4000k Spectrum Quantum Board from Chicago
Hurricane Fan ~50 watts
Dyna-Grow bloom, mag-pro, and Protek all from Dyna-Gro and un-sulfured Molasses are the food
First, what is or is not “organic” is the subject of intense debate. In the United States, there are numerous definitions of “organic”, many of which differ significantly. Each state has their own regulations for labeling produce as “organic”. Additionally, there are 36 non-governmental organizations, which can “certify” produce as organic. Now only crops grown from unrefined minerals are recognized as “organic”. However, our Pro-TeKt is manufactured using raw material that is certified organic!

In chemistry, organic means a molecule that contains carbon. Accordingly, gasoline, motor oil, paper, etc. are “organic.” Plants do not take up any organic molecules. They must be broken down into their constituent ions, none of which are organic! In soils, these organic molecules are broken down by the action of a wide range of microbes including bacteria and mycorrhizae. However, many, if not most, certified organic fertilizers contain significant amounts of heavy metals including arsenic, lead, mercury, selenium, and others which can be dangerous to any animal consuming plants grown with those “organic” fertilizers. To avoid issues with heavy metals, Dyna-Gro uses only highly refined, technical grade raw materials in the production of all of our plant nutrition products. While this ensures high quality, nutritionally healthy crop production, it prevents our nutrients from being considered “organic”.

Organic certification is based upon the source of the raw materials, not upon the absence of heavy metals or other contaminants. A check of the analyses of registered fertilizers will reveal that some “certified organic” fertilizers contain levels of arsenic, for example, that would be illegal in drinking water! The one sensible part of the “organic” movement is minimizing or eliminating the use of chemical pesticides. Providing your plants with proper levels of Pro-TeKt, The Silicon Solution, can eliminate the need for pesticides. Dyna-Gro does not encourage the use of any chemical pesticides.

Because conventional organic fertilizers require soil born microbes to break down the organic molecules, they are particularly ineffective for hydroponic applications. Unrefined minerals do not dissolve well for hydroponic use, and many of these unrefined minerals contain quantities of impurities, some of which are toxic to plants and animals. For that reason, Dyna-Gro® products are made from high quality, refined minerals. This ensures high-quality crop production but prevents the crop from being considered “organic”.


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