Put Aspirin Into the Washing Machine, and See What Happens

According to the American Time Use Survey by the U.S. Department of Labor, women spend an average of 17 minutes a day on doing laundry. In case you’re looking for smart tips on how to make your clothes white and soft nearly for free – these life hacks are just for you. You can use some simple things you have at home in the washing machine to get even the most stubborn stains out easily and make your clothes dry faster.

Aspirin gets deep into the fabric of stained clothes and effectively removes dirt. It’s especially good for shirts with sweat stains since aspirin easily breaks up and lifts that frustrating yellowish tint. If you dissolve aspirin in cold water, it’ll help you get rid of blood stains on your clothes! It’s really important that the water be cold because hot water will only fix the proteins in the blood deep into the fabric.
Experienced laundry “gurus” don’t recommend adding liquid fabric softener when washing your whites. And that’s because it doesn’t let your clothes become as white as possible. Don’t sort your clothes by their color, sort them by the density of the fabric. Heavy fabrics absorb more water than lighter ones, which is why the detergent gets washed out of different items in varying degrees.
Scientists have actually come up with something called the “Sock Loss Index”! Psychologist Simon Moore and statistician Geoff Ellis teamed up to develop a formula explaining where our lost socks go. Turns out, careless sock pairing and putting socks in the wrong wash are the biggest causers of the lost-sock mystery.


Throw some aspirin into the washer to whiten your clothes. 0:40
Don’t use liquid fabric softener on your whites. 2:59
Use mouthwash to clean the washing machine. 3:24
Use baby shampoo to restore shrunken clothes. 3:51
Don’t sort your loads by color. 4:50
Use shaving cream to get makeup stains out. 5:32
Remove stubborn stains with a hairdryer. 5:40
Use towels to make your laundry dry faster. 6:03
Use special bags when washing socks. 6:24
Don’t dry your clothes too much. 7:06

-Putting some aspirin into the washing machine can help whiten and brighten your whites. And this effect is all thanks to the salicylic acid contained in these pills.
-If your goal is blindingly white whites, then all you need to use is bleach. Skip on the detergent and liquid fabric softener.
-Add half a cup of mouthwash to your detergent tray, run a full wash cycle, and that’s it. You’ve effectively destroyed fungus, mold, and harmful bacteria.
-Using baby shampoo you’ll “relax” the fibers in the garment. And this will make it possible to stretch the fabric back to its original shape and size.
-Don’t sort your clothes by their color, sort them by the density of the fabric. Mixing your fabrics damages clothes with thin fibers.
-To remove makeup from your clothes, you can put regular ol’ shaving cream on the stain and just wash the items as you normally would.
-You can actually get rid of old non-protein stains, such as those from grass, soil, or juice (but not blood), by heating them up with a hairdryer and then putting a little detergent on the spot.
-If you don’t have time to wait for your dryer to finish a load, just throw a dry towel into the machine. The towel will absorb the moisture in the clothes, cutting drying time way down.
-To avoid losing or mixing socks and undies, it’s a good idea to use special bags to wash small pieces of clothing for each member of the family.
-It’s easier to iron clothes that are still a little damp. It’s even possible to iron clothes (especially dress shirts and other items made from thin fabric) straight out of the washer.

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