Q&A: Top 8 Questions asked about Cartridge Vape Pens - Know your Oil Battery Better (2019) 2

Q&A: Top 8 Questions asked about Cartridge Vape Pens – Know your Oil Battery Better (2019)

We know that you all have questions about your vaporizer batteries and cartridges. This video will help cover some basic functionality questions that you might have like, what do these flashing lights mean, why am I getting an error code, why is my pen flashing a white light and many more. We sat down and took a look at the most frequently asked questions as well as some brain puzzlers so you’ll know what it means when your battery is flashing a certain light.

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We hope this video answers any questions you may have about flashing LED lights on your vape battery.

The following questions will be answered and here are their time codes.

0:18 – What factor does Variable Voltage play into vaping?
1:25 – Can I refill my oil cartridge?
2:17 – Do oil cartridges work with E-Juice?
2:35 – How do I fill my oil cartridge EX5?
3:48 – How long do I hold the power button to vape properly?
4:40 – How long do I charge the vape pen battery for? & how do I know when it’s finished charging?
5:25 – Can I use it while charging?
5:45 – Why does nothing come out while I’m vaping? What do the flashing lights tell me?

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