Real Doctor Reacts To The Game Changers (Full Movie Documentary) 2

Real Doctor Reacts To The Game Changers (Full Movie Documentary)

Real Doctor Reacts To The Game Changers (Full Movie Documentary Review) Netflix. In The Game Changers Arnold Schwarzenegger is interviewed shortly, but makes a large impression. The Game Changers is James Cameron’s latest documentary movie and the focus is on plant-based diets. Here is an unbiased evaluation on The Game Changers review of its strengths and weaknesses. The Game Changers movie has a lot of flawed premises so make sure you understand the facts with this documentary movie review.

Dr. Sten Ekberg, Holistic doctor, Olympic decathlete and former vegetarian, reviews The Game Changers documentary movie, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger appears shortly, and explores the arguments made in favor of an all plant based diet.

The Game Changers is a documentary film about the benefits of plant-based eating for athletes.The documentary follows former UFC fighter James Wilks who, while recovering from an injury, travels the world and talks with elite athletes that follow plant-based diets. Athletes interviewed include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrik Baboumian, and Dotsie Bausch. The film has over a dozen executive producers, including James Cameron, Pamela Anderson, Rip Esselstyn, Jackie Chan and Brendan Brazier.

Is a plant based diet superior? Are saturated fats dangerous? Do the important antioxidants come from plants? Dr Sten Ekberg will answer these and many more questions in this The Game Changers review. He is not opposed or in favor of a plant based or a meat based diet, but feels that it is time to debunk many of the misconceptions and stop the irrational fear and propaganda. People get emotionally attached to their ideologies and fail to evaluate recommendations based on facts, results, genetics, physiology, and individuality.

Dr Ekberg’s mission, as always, is to teach how health really works and in this review you will find out how he delivers a different perspective than any other you have seen. Some may think this is a another The Game Changers debunked videos, but it is much more in depth than most.



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