RealTalk Podcast #3: Dr. Ben Sessa (MDMA/LSD Research Scientist) 2

RealTalk Podcast #3: Dr. Ben Sessa (MDMA/LSD Research Scientist)

This podcast features Scott Wise, Roei Dans and their guest Dr. Ben Sessa, filmed on 16th March 2015.

Dr. Ben Sessa is a medical doctor with specialist training in mental health who has worked in the fields of drug addiction and drug-assisted psychotherapy. Sessa is the man responsible for the first ever clinical trials in the UK which used MDMA and LSD to treat former armed forces for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

During the podcast the guys discussed differences between attitudes towards drugs when used recreationally and medically; the importance of drug research for dealing with complex psychological conditions and triggering experiences such as rape and abuse, particularly with the use of MDMA. Wise, Dans & Sessa also discuss what the future of drug policy is in terms of legalisation and medically respectively, and whether it is all really about money. The guys also discuss some of their own personal experiences with drugs, and we find out whether Ecstasy is actually bad for you!

00:27 – 02:59: Introducing Dr. Sessa
03:00 – 03:32: Party Drugs, MDMA & Ketamine
03:33 – 06:41: Is Marijuana Addictive?
06:42 – 07:49: Drugs & Research
07:50 – 12:02: Legal Highs, Salvia & Research Chemicals
12:03 – 15:03: Clinical Drug Trials & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
15:04 – 16:41: Armed Combat, Suicide, PTSD & Treatment
16:42 – 21:20: MDMA Research – The Work of Dr. Sessa
21:21 – 23:02: Is Ecstasy Bad For You?
23:03 – 24:24: Prescription Drugs
24:25 – 29:25: Science vs. The Government & The War On Drugs
29:26 – 34:26: Drug Prohibition, Decriminalisation and Legalisation
34:27 – 36:39: Breaking Conventions
36:40 – 41:20: What Is A Psychedelic? What Are Drug Classes?
41:21 – 44:24: Drugs, Medical Breakthroughs & The Future
44:25 – 50:29: Can Drugs & Psychedelics Save The World?
50:30 – 53:07: Is It All About Money?
53:08 – 55:37: The Government vs. The People
55:38 – 58:49: Personal Drug Experiences
58:50 – 1:02:08: Drugs & Sports


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