Right to MEDICAL FREEDOM  petition info and research chemicals legality 2

Right to MEDICAL FREEDOM petition info and research chemicals legality

Do you have medical freedom and is it legal to purchase research chemicals
NEWROIDS.COM NEWTRICARE.com and all affiliates
Research chemicals are only for RESEARCH they are not intended for human consumption or to be used as a cosmetic, food additive, skin cream. These are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION and are not intended to be swallowed, plugged, pinned or used as sexual aid. All users are responsible for using these chemicals properly and Any misuse of these chemicals will result in the researcher retaining full responsibility and taking full ownership of any negative or positive results. These chemicals are NOT intended to diagnose treat prevent or cure any disease. If you are aware of any misuse of these chemicals keep it to yourself you are grown and should respect what others do is not a problem for you, these substances are legal and anyone misusing them will bear the responsibility of damage or enhancement to their lives that is the only payment due them as to us all

By watching a video or purchasing a product, you agree that you are OVER 18 and take full responsibility for your actions and claim no liability to newroids its owners its partners your mother the police man down the road or your dog. Your decisions are your responsibility and all consequences and ore benefits are yours to bear.
These products labels, cotton inside bottles, words insinuations, intentions or ingredients have been evaluated by the FDA, DEA, ABC, 123, NAACP, NAPA or GOP or DNC and are not intended to diagnose treat or prevent any disease, disorder, problem or blessing. You should always see a medical professional, lawyer, fireman, preacher and your motherin-law’s advice before changing your pants or your diet plan or workout regimen. The only claim made is that what is on the label is in the bottle beyond that your choice of purchasing is also your choice to take full responsibility for any and all side effects or benefits that may occur to you or the researched alleviating newroids newtricare and all employees and affiliates of any responsibility after the sale.
Also, I (you) agree not to use my physique to lure, trap, manipulate or elude to any false ideals to get the opposite sex in bed.

Furthermore, I agree that if I have ill intent toward NEWROIDS or any of its workers partners or customers I cannot use any of the information inside these or any of newroids or newtricare’s websites or videos against them in court or any other venue. NOW THE LAWYERS ARE HAPPY


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