Shearline™: No.1 Bud Trimmer on Earth 2

Shearline™: No.1 Bud Trimmer on Earth

Got Questions? Call Shearline Trimmers at: 1-855-980-0121 – Bud Trimming Machines of the highest quality currently on the market. Shearline™ machines provide bud growers with the most durable machine, while ensuring the fastest and closest trim. By using our machines, you are taking the utmost care with your product and minimizing your waste.

Our Shearline™ inventor and creator has spent the past twenty years developing the best machine possible. Our Shearline™ inventor is the original inventor of the first automated trimming machines, formally named the Centurion, and then Centurion Pro, now rebranded as Shearline™, we know what you need in your trimmer! NOW is the time for you to own a Shearline™ machine. The Shearline™ Original and The Shearline™ Original 2.0 will revolutionize your operation.

Shearline™ machines are the most sought after machines on the market and they are currently being shipped worldwide to growers who demand quality, durability, and accountability.

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