Smoking vs Vaping 2

Smoking vs Vaping

75 Cigarettes vs one 30ml bottle of e-liquid.

We take a look at the effect of smoking 75 cigarettes vs vaping the equivalent amount of e-liquid by drawing it through about 3/4 gal of water.

The results speak for themselves; what we’re surprised about was the quantity of tar in just 75 cigarettes. I don’t smoke, I am glad about that, but that is 3 days worth of cigarettes for some people, amazing.

Keep in mind if we used 6mg e-liquid that would have equated 180 cigarettes.

90 cigarettes vs 30ml of 3mg e liquid.

Here is how Milligrams work. There is .001 grams pers milligram, so yes there is 1000mg per gram, now we have absolutely blown your mind allow me to expand. That means that when an eliquid says it is 3mgs it means that there is 3 milligrams of nicotine PER Milliliter of liquid. Not 3mgs per liter. Do some basic reading and research before you post an absolutely retarded comment on this video and broadcast to all that you have a tiny and impulsive mind.

Yep, got it, lots of comments about the fact that the mg calculations are incorrect. For clarification, after researching the topic we found that the body only absorbs one mg per cigarette. We didn’t believe it so we did more research…. we found the same thing. So rather than arguing with science we decided to accept it. Yes, it is totally counter intuitive and we still don’t fully believe it. Nevertheless if you are still not happy then imagine the bottle is a 6mg, 10mg or 18 mg bottle….. the results will be the same.

We hope you get something out of this!

No health claims are made, this is purely observational.

By the end of the cigarette observation we were feeling pretty ill, so on that note we do not support or recommend you conduct this experiment.

List of cigarette ingredients:
We accidentally cut off every ingredient from ‘S’ onwards!! Sorry guys.

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