SOFTBODY TETRIS V17 😋 ( without liquid ) 2

SOFTBODY TETRIS V17 😋 ( without liquid )

Here is the second one of my seventeenth version of Softbody Tetris. In this case without water. Which version do you like better?
Here you find the version with water:

Some people found the water strange, so I rendered another version without water.
It makes me happy to create such stuff. It makes a lot of fun.
ASMR for my eyes 😉
I love the original Tetris game.
And I love Jelly 😋
Why are not the rows deleted? This is very time consuming. I only did that in version 9 of my Softbody Tetris animations:

This animtion I have created with Cinema 4D and Redshift.

Rendertime: 107 hours with two PC (2 Titan RTX, 2 Titan xP)
The version with water did not take so long, which I found something funny. I would have guessed that this version with water (98 hours) would take at least 10% longer.
This time, I built the music with Ableton Live again.
I used a MIDI file to help. I hope you enjoy it.
I’ve also added some sound effects, but it was not that easy.

Ups 🙁 There is a mistake I have seen. You can see it on the right side. There is mistake. There is a mistake with the flowers. The ground is too high.

Unfortunately, my videos are copied very often. That’s why you see the C4D4U logo so often in the szene. Sorry for that.

Relax and enjoy this Tetris video. Some people make it happy and satisfied. It also has a calming effect.

You want to support me? 😍

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Thanks a lot for this ❤️
The donations flow into hardware, software and, of course, sweets that I will eat while creating the animations.

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ASMR = Autonomous sensory meridian response

C4D4U: Animations and any tutorials


I got a MIDI file from the Tetris song. I then built the song together with Ableton Live. I hope you enjoy it.


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