Stock trading News | Small cap opportunity: BTV Examines Cannabis Growing Industry 2

Stock trading News | Small cap opportunity: BTV Examines Cannabis Growing Industry

BTV-Business Television delves into companies creating opportunities in the budding cannabis sector:

– NanoSphere Delivery System™ is a disruptive technology created by NanoSphere Health Science (NSHS:CSE), where ingredients are encapsulated in a nano-sized membrane that protects them from immediate dilution or degradation. This is extremely important because it enhances biological stability, improves cellular transport, enhances therapeutic effects and targets the specific site, causing fewer side effects.

– A high-speed, low-temperature, cost-efficient drying process has been developed by EnWave Corporation to provide superior flavor and texture to food products. This technology is a continuous process that allows control of the final moisture level of organic materials by altering the atmospheric pressure in the machinery.

– CannTrust is a federally licensed producer that has established a partnership with Apotex, its pharma partner, to develop standardized medical cannabis for patients in need.
With a 50,000 square foot hydroponic facility, that enables control of the whole process, the company can deliver standardized medical cannabis that is 100% pesticide free.

– Involved in the cannabis industry since 2013, Delta 9 Cannabis (NINE:TSX.V) produces top quality medical cannabis using standardized hydroponic growing methodologies and proprietary Grow Pods. This can ensure patients are getting consistent quality products, while the good selection of strains accommodates the diverse needs of patients across Canada.

– Lexaria Bioscience Corp. has developed a new technology that improves the delivery of medical cannabis while helping products taste and smell better.
Faster acting and better absorbed, the Lexaria’s DehydraTECH™ model can be used for cannabinoids as well as for a variety of other bioactive molecules such as nicotine, vitamins and NSAID’s.

– Quadron Cannatech Corporation (QCC.CN) is an automated cannabis extraction and processing Solutions Company, which provides ancillary equipment, products and services.
Through its three subsidiaries, the company is ready to meet the complex demands of the federally authorized cannabis industry in North America.
Currently, the company’s focus is on a disruptive CO2 extractor called The BOSS CO2 Extraction System.
The company has developed it after suffering, as many others in the industry, with problems caused by different extraction methods, including ordinary CO2 extractors.

In this video:
0:50 – Neal Gilmer, Research Analyst of Haywood Securities advises that, at some point, people will care if companies are growing their businesses and making money.
1:06 – Vahan Ajamian,CA, CFA, Research Analyst of Beacon Securities says that investors need a long-term horizon when investing in cannabis stocks
1:49 – Robert Sutton, Chairman & CEO of NanoSphere Health Sciences explains how his company is becoming a leader in the nanoparticle delivery of medical cannabis.
2:23 – Dr. Richard Kaufmann, PhD, Director of NanoSphere Health Sciences explains why he began researching nanoparticles. They both believe this is a disruptive technology that can really help a lot of people.
7:10 – Brent Charleton, VP Sales & Business of EnWave Corporation shares that the company is actively commercializing a disruptive new technology on a global basis, addressing diverse markets in the food, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries.
7:50 – John Budreski, Executive Chairman of EnWave Corp. gives a summary of the science behind this technology.
11:57 – Lisa Crossley, PhD, P. Eng., CEO of Reliq Health Technologies talks about the company that provides an innovative approach to virtually nursing for the chronically ill.
12:42 – Russell Stanley, Equity Analyst of Echelon Wealth Partners explains why he chose to cover CannTrust Holdings.
13:54 – Brad Rogers, President of CannTrust Inc. shares that the company has just begun shipping internationally to Australia, and that Germany, Denmark and Brazil are next.
14:14 – Russell Stanley is back and talks about how successful the company has been in product development.
15:40 – John Arbuthnot, CEO of Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. says that being in a federal marijuana program put them in a great position for an early licensing for production in Dec. 2013 and for a license to sell in March 2014. What makes them different is Delta 9 Grow Pods, units that are modular, scalable and stackable. This trajectory has opened them a path to retail in Manitoba.
20:05 – John Docherty, President of Lexaria Bioscience talks about the company’s patented drug delivery technology, that allows faster acting and best absorption by the human gastrointestinal tract.
21:30 – Rosy Mondin, President & CEO of Quadron Cannatech shares that this is an ancillary company in the cannabis space that builds equipments and sells laboratory services.

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