Talking THR: Dr. Brad Rodu – Tom Barnard Show /Podcast March 14, 2019 2

Talking THR: Dr. Brad Rodu – Tom Barnard Show /Podcast March 14, 2019

Dr. Brad Rodu talks about a new study from Rutgers University about the perceived health risks of Swedish snus, a smokeless Tobacco Product that is becoming more popular in the US, with Minneapolis, MN radio host Tom Barnard on his national podcast. In a nutshell, as Dr. Brad Rodu explains, “The Rutgers study showed what we’ve known for many years – that Americans are completely confused about the risks of smokeless products versus smoking. They’re vastly safer, but Americans have been confused by Federal, State and Medical society officials who have conflated smokeless tobacco with smoking. So, they talk about the harms of “Tobacco use”; they don’t distinguish that it’s much safer to use tobacco in a smoke-free form than it is to burn it, create those 7,000 chemicals and inhale that smoke…In Sweden [snus is] really popular, Swedes use a lot of snus… Their lung cancer rates are among the lowest in the developed world because they don’t smoke, they use snus instead.”

To read the Rutgers public perception study on snus:

Minneapolis MN Talk show host Tom Barnard has been in radio since 1971 and has been one of the most popular morning show hosts in America since 1986 on 92 KQRS. In 2006 Tom won the Marconi Award for Large Market Personality of the Year, (recognizes excellence in radio broadcasting). Tom made great connections in the music biz while working for Capitol records, and was one of the top five voice-over talents in the U.S. (clients were: Gatorade, Nike, McDonald’s and Home Depot and more). Tom is known widely for his sense of humor and candor on almost any subject. Tom has had the opportunity to interview some of the top celebrities in the U.S. and around the world because of his high ratings, and because Tom is known for asking great questions.

Dr. Brad Rodu is a senior fellow of the Heartland Institute, and professor of medicine at the University of Louisville, where he holds an endowed chair in tobacco harm reduction research at James Graham Brown Cancer Center. His analysis and research as detailed on his blog, provide an outstanding resource for anyone wishing to learn about the facts and science of tobacco harm reduction, and who seeks to understand and make sense of the complexities, politics and scientific debate that permeate this field:

A March 2019 OpEd from Dr. Rodu in RealClear Politics analyzes the sources and data behind the FDA’s regulatory call arms against an “epidemic” of youth vaping:


Dr. Rodu’s commentary on a recent American Cancer Society Paper for Heartland Institute…

His groundbreaking book on Tobacco Harm Reduction “For Smokers Only” is available on, more about this book can be found here:

Everything you always wanted to know about Smokeless Tobacco/THR 101: Interview with Dr. Robi Ludwig with Dr. Brad Rodu and Dr. Joel Nitzkin for Huffington Post:…


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