Terpene's Sativa/ Hybrid/ Indica Effects (LIVE Terp Panel Interview) 2

Terpene's Sativa/ Hybrid/ Indica Effects (LIVE Terp Panel Interview)

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*Kayla Hall- Account Manager @Cannabinder
*David Heldreth- Chief Science Officer @True Terpenes & CEO @Panacea Plant Sciences
*Nicole Wicker- CEO @Altopa, maker of the Oblend
*Hunter Holliman- Director of Product Development @4Front Ventures
*Dr. Alison Draisin- CEO @Ettalew’s Edibles, Judges Coordinator @CASP’s Terpestival ~Center for Cannabis and Social Policy (CASP)

Episode 25~ Terps Sativa Hybrid Indica Effects:
FULL EPISODE: https://youtu.be/gzZvTT0UQMA
Why are terpenes and terpenoids Important?

How do cannabinoids offer a unique experience that do not fit the mold of Indica/Sativa/Hybrid?

Are terpenes helping to shatter previous conceptions about the effects of cannabis?

At higher concentration levels can terpenes be harmful to larger animals or humans?

Terpenes are hydrocarbons, does this create a dichotomy when discussing solvent-free extract options like rosin?

In your opinion, are terpenes the reason for increased sales in infused preroll and flavored oil vape pens, taking over market share from non-infused joints and flavorless vape pens?

How do you interpret Terpene percentages so that it translates to the consumer?
Is there a better, more accurate system than using “Sativa” vs. “Indica”?

Will having terpene information on labels help make smarter chemovar buying decisions?
Is Blue Dream the result of good breeding, branding, terpene profile?

Do you see US-based multistate operators poised to deploy big money in 2019?
Canadian cannabis companies increasing their cross-border acquisitions and deals?

LaCroix is being Sued for using Terpenes, “Synthetic Compounds”~ What advice can you give to companies in emerging cannabis markets on how to prepare for a volatile regulatory environment?

How are you Positioned for 1st Mover Advantages?

Cannabis Banking Issues

How will terpenes influence 2019 and beyond?


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