Terrapin Pennsylvania Selling CBD labeled as THC 2

Terrapin Pennsylvania Selling CBD labeled as THC

I purchased 2 carts of Hells OG from Terravida Malvern and after using them a bit noticed something weird. These seem to be CBD carts with a THC sticker on top of them. This doesn’t exactly mean that they AREN’T Hell’s OG, but now I am not even sure what type of medicine I am ingesting. Keep any eye out on what you purchase.

Conspiracy Theory: At the time of the purchase of these two Hell’s OG carts, Terravida Malvern is doing a sale on all of their CBD products. Is it possible they juts put Hell’s OG labels over a bunch of CBD to try to offload their supply of it? I don’t know, I hope not, because that would be pretty disheartening.


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