The DMT Mandala - Video Description of the Imagery encoded within the design 2

The DMT Mandala – Video Description of the Imagery encoded within the design

Apparently this account has my old email, so I can’t get notifications when people comment below, but my email is on the website below. Eternal thanks and blessing for all the light people have shared in the comments! Written description of the imagery below
THE DMT Mandala

The image is about the Spirit of the Mimosa Hostilis tree. You can see the spirit rising from the top of the tree. At the base of the tree – 2 shamans ethically harvest only the lateral roots of the tree – so as not to hurt the organism…

The spirit has 12 hands with bracelets. Here the DMT spirit is using American Sign Language to spell out;


He is holding 2 mushrooms which are psilocybin, also known as 4-HO-DMT, or 4-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine. So this is a tip of the cap to the fractal nature of DMT to occur in different forms and totally different biological structures (mushrooms/plants)

The circle of 16 Mayan-inspired panels that his hands are pointing to describe in great detail the path from the germination of the mimosa seed, all the way through an extraction and recrystallization of DMT. as you complete the circle you are brought finally to the molecule itself, raised above the hands of the spirit, radiating.

The way the shape of the molecule looks reminded me a lot of an old school skeleton key, so next to the molecule, you’ll see the key shaped molecule fitting into the dis-embodied Keyhole to the Imagination. The Keyhole is marked with undecipherable and forgotten sacred text, all the way around.

In addition to the stories contained within the design, you’ll notice that the atomic make-up of the DMT molecule has also been encoded into the design. The 12 hands with bracelets represent the 12 carbon atoms of the DMT molecule. The 16 panels that the hands are pointing to represent the 16 hydrogen atoms, and finally the two spheres held in the hands of the spirit, represent the 2 nitrogen atoms; to complete the DMT molecule.


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