The Near-Future Investment Opportunities in Cannabis (w/ AK) 2

The Near-Future Investment Opportunities in Cannabis (w/ AK)

Does cannabis present a generational opportunity for investors? AK takes a look at the budding industry and breaks down Tony Greer’s recent interview with CB1 Capital’s Todd Harrison.

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The Near-Future Investment Opportunities in Cannabis (w/ AK)

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TODD HARRISON: In terms of the science, which I agree, informs our decisions, and we look at the
cannabis landscape really and say okay, well, there’s the CPG story, and everybody seems to be starting
to understand that more. That’s beverages, nutraceutical, cosmetics and vanity, pet supplements, there’s a
lot of they’re there on the consumer side with a more traditional CPG model. And I think more people are
starting to understand that this isn’t about smoking cannabis, but about eating it and drinking it and rubbing
it on and taking bubble baths in it.
There’s a lot of form factors that aren’t going to provide that cardiovascular, those cardiovascular concerns
that come along with smoking. That is starting to get unpacked right now on Wall Street. We’re looking
really through that. And what’s going to take a bit longer from a tail standpoint is really that clinical
evidence. As this moves from drugs from state dispensaries to medicine prescribed by doctors covered by
insurance, that takes time because of clinical trials. There’s over 100 clinical trials right now.
So, we saw GW last summer get the first FDA approved plant based medicine for childhood onset epilepsy.
We think that that’s the tip of the iceberg in terms of indications, and whether that is brain cancer or autism,
or traumatic brain injury or Alzheimer’s, we think all of that is on the horizon, obviously, as you can tell by
the narrative. Doctors want proof, obviously, before they get involved. So, this has to go through that
Western medicine protocol.
AK: Cannabis’ medicinal properties are not fully explored and a lot of times, they’re just ignored and of
course, there’s a reason for that- because the medical community needs proof that it actually works. People’s
lives and well-beings are at stake here. Proving the drugs are effective and safe is a huge process that takes
a lot of time and money. It’s tough to bring a new drug to market especially considering the FDA and all
the regulatory hurdles. More research needs to be done into how different cannabinoids affect the human
body, but they are actually naturally occurring. Here’s Harrison explaining the body’s endocannabinoid
TODD HARRISON: The endocannabinoid system, it helps to regulate neuro transmissions a big deal,
was first discovered in the early ’90s, call it ’91-’92. I was graduating college. So, this is not something that
is well-understood. And certainly, the uptake in medical schools hasn’t been there. So, I think the medical
community is starting to really understand the ECS, what the gap right now is the parallels between the
plant, people and pets.
We all have an ECS that helps to regulate our neuro transmissions. We produce what’s called
endocannabinoids to help do that. The cannabinoids found in cannabis in the cases that we’ve been able
to study are identical in action to the cannabinoids, your endocannabinoids, your body produces.
Everybody thought the runner’s high for years was endorphins, we now understand it’s an
endocannabinoid. Identical in action to THC. So, when you consume THC, same chemical process, same
chemical reaction is when you get that runner’s high internally.
So, that part still needs to be understood by the medical community. That’s the exciting part going forward
is the health and the wellness benefits is this comes off the blacklist that’s been off for the last 90 years.


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