"The Neuroscience of Partying' by Caitlin Thompson 2

"The Neuroscience of Partying' by Caitlin Thompson

The Aware Project (www.awareproject.org) hosts a series of monthly Psychedelic Awareness Salon events in Los Angeles. We are creating a connected and educated community that feels passionately about balancing the conversation about psychedelics.

Our speaker this month will be Caitlin Thompson. After struggling with her own chemical depression and anxiety, Caitlin began her quest to chemically rebalance herself and regain happiness. With a bachelors degree in biology, Caitlin used her scientific background to dive into the neuroscience literature on depression and other mood disorders. She soon became obsessed with neuroscience and began an integrative investigation of the relationship between nutrition, mood disorders, and psychedelic drugs. Her success in reclaiming her health and happiness led her to creating her nutritional supplement company, EntheoZen (https://entheozen.com/). Caitlin set out on a mission to share the information she had collected and empower people to have healthy and happy brains. This included spreading harm-reduction drug information to mitigate damage and depletion that comes with the party lifestyle and spreading awareness about psychedelic drugs and their applications in medicine, research and therapy.

Title talk: The Neuroscience of Partying: a harm-reduction guide to staying healthy and happy at a music festival.

Talk description: The Neuroscience of Partying is a harm-reduction lecture that serves as a guide for people to stay healthy and happy at a music festival. The lecture provides unbiased scientific information about how drugs affect neurotransmitter systems in the brain, dangerous drug interactions, general drug safety tips and resources, and a guide on how to nutritionally mitigate the wear n’ tear and depletion that results from using drugs at parties.

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