The New Bath Salts? 'White Bull' Cocaine Substitute 2

The New Bath Salts? 'White Bull' Cocaine Substitute

“ADULT stores are selling a synthetic cocaine called White Bull for $100 a gram. This is twice the price of old-fashioned amphetamines that bikies used to cook – and we were told it’s stronger than the real and illegal stuff.

White Bull is part of a $200-million-a-year catalogue of legal highs that adult stores are marketing as an offset for the drop in DVD sales because of the prevalence of online porn.
The man behind the counter at Love Play had only two little bags of White Bull left for sale. He said the store sells out every weekend. ”Less is more with this stuff,” he said.

White Bull is an apparently legal substitute for cocaine, which retails illegally for $350 a gram. ”The feeling is that of cocaine, speed, ecstasy,” he said. Meaning it keeps you awake, a bit horny and somehow sets a disco beat rocking in your head. It also makes your heart beat faster, and put on a hot glow that suggests one’s thermo-regulation system is out of whack.”*

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss “White Bull,” a new synthetic and legal drug that claims to mimic the effects of cocaine. Is White Bull opening a new can of worms? Or is it just a way to raise sales in adult stores?

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