The Trip Report: 2CB-Fly and 1P-LSD 2

The Trip Report: 2CB-Fly and 1P-LSD

Welcome to the trip report – I test legal highs in extreme conditions so you don’t have to!

A much shorter video today (I am learning to edit my videos). This is a test of 2CB-Fly and 1P-LSD in combination.

Overall, the experience was very positive. In comparison to skiing with just 1P-LSD, the 2CB-Fly added an extra dimension to my thoughts. For example: I was interested in improving my skiing technique today with the 2CB-Fly, something that did not happen under the effects of 1P-LSD (or LSD) alone. There was also a green tinge to the open-eye visuals, which were also slightly more pronounced compared to just 1P-LSD alone.

Please feel free to suggest new legal highs / research chemicals / combinations that you would like to see me report on in the future. Or, if you have any other suggestions, please message me in the comments section below.

If we can get to 20 subscribers then I will do a video on the different flavours of different psychedelics and how to tell them apart.


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