These Historical Conflicts Were Actually Proxy Wars... 2

These Historical Conflicts Were Actually Proxy Wars…

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10. The American Revolution Was Very Much About Great Britain and France
9. The Korean War Was A Proxy Conflict With The Soviets And Chinese Against The USA
8. The Vietnam War Was Also A Proxy War Between China And The USA
7. The Iran Crisis Of 1946 Was An Early Proxy War Between The Soviets And The USA
6. The Arab-Israeli Conflict Involves Multiple Parties (And It Is Still Ongoing)
5. The Korean DMZ Conflict Was Really The USA Against Both China And The Soviets
4. The Soviet Afghan War Was The Soviet Union Against… A Who’s Who Of World Powers
3. The Ukrainian Crisis Is An Ongoing Proxy Conflict With The USA And NATO Against Russia
2. The Ongoing Conflict In Yemen Is Saudi Arabia And The USA Against (Allegedly) Iran
1. The Syrian War Is A Mess Of Multiple Parties Proxy Warring With Each Other

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