Thrive Documentary/Movement Exposed 2

Thrive Documentary/Movement Exposed

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How can people who claim to be interested in space not be interested in this: Speeding up Development of Space and Reducing the Cost of Living

Foster Gamble promotes the idea of “non-violation” in the movie Thrive while Actively suppressing free speech and cures for disease. Watch Thrive Exposed Part 6 on youtube and see for yourself there is nothing from Thrive in there

How can the world Thrive with all this censorship and ignorance towards one plant? Millions of lives are lost every year because of lack of food or medicine. Hemp is the most superior resource on Earth, the best food source, the best medicine, and so much more. Everything made from toxic oil today can be made from non-toxic Hemp.

By not presenting truth about Cannabis (Hemp) Thrive is part of the problem. Think about it, Thrive are selling expensive and slow change the whole time Hemp would solve world hunger and most of the world problems like the energy crisis, deforestation, disease, repair our soils and renew with vital nutrients and so much more it would take too long to list.

The issue here is human life and life in general has value. Foster Gamble admitted to some the idea of UFOs sounds crazy…hes willing to present that information but not the truth? Foster Gamble says having a clear understanding of the world is important, Foster Gamble sure missed on the important information that saves lives. By not presenting truth about Cannabis (Hemp) Thrive is part of the problem this is why people suffer and die! This is a hijacking! Foster Gamble did not apologize for all the damage his family has done.

Thrive sure do present the idea they care about suffering and ending the system, so why not report the truth and help the public get past the propaganda? What truth do they support? Science or hypocrisy? People laugh more at crop circles than cannabis you got to be kidding me their excuse is they think the public wont support them, the truth is the opposite the public would support them more if they reported on the bigger picture

We need repeal of an unconstitutional laws. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception. We don’t want legalization of marijuana which leaves the government to control and regulate it.

Legalized Medicinal marijuana is a scam because it discriminates and limits the public’s access to this harmless medicine that saves lives. Nobody dies or suffers injury from THC. Legalization sounds like the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via government legislation
(over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control)

I provide evidence of my emails sent to Thrive and their automatic reply confirming they got my email. I also posted the information on the Thrive facebook page and youtube channel…Why isnt this information on their website or even in their film?

The few who control the many on this planet, making all their money and maintaining control because the most superior resource on earth(hemp) is illegal. It took 13 years to end alcohol prohibition, 7 decades later for cannabis prohibition, it is time to turn things around!

Energy companies, big pharma, cotton industry, timber industry, chemical industries, and so many industries stand to make massive profit as long as cannabis is illegal.

In 2003, Rick Simpson discovered his Cancer Cure Hemp Oil.
In 2007, the World Health Organization reported worldwide Cancer caused 21,643 deaths per day (7.9 Million Deaths per year)
Free Documentary Run From the Cure

U.S. National Library of Medicine — Worldwide PubMed articles on Cannabinoids including THC curing Cancer

The U.S. Government owns Patent 6630507 Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants (real cannabis is superior)

Smoking cannabis is safer than drinking water. Water can kill you, cannabis can’t.


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