Top10 & BEST High CBD cannabis strains 2019 ~ Marijuana Experts ~ 2

Top10 & BEST High CBD cannabis strains 2019 ~ Marijuana Experts ~

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Top Ten & Best CBD Strains of 2019.

Here is our list of top ten cannabis strains with high percentages of CBD.

1~ Charlotte’s Web~Whether you are new to cannabis and CBD or you’re an aficionado you’ve probably heard of Charlotte’s Web.

In fact Dr Sanjay Gupta’s endorsement of the strain on daytime television made it so well-known that Florida passed the Charlotte’s Web law legalizing only that strain.

It is one of the most recognizable names among CBD cannabis strains.

In a study among pediatric epilepsy patients patients given Charlotte’s Web with a 27 to1 CBD to THC ratio had reduced seizures and improved mood focus and appetite.

It’s no wonder that its benefits make it so popular ~ You can even get it in mint and olive oil flavors.

2~ ACDC ~ with ratios from 15~1 to 28~1 CBD to THC It provided positive effects as well for pediatric epilepsy patients.

As a sativa-dominant strain it is known for providing some energy and focus to those who consume it.

Though evidence is anecdotal it may be useful for some with pain- inflammation- stress-depression- epilepsy and even Parkinson’s disease.

Though ACDC is sweet with a zing of citrus its rockstar name is a bit misleading as there is virtually no high in its low-THC make up So don’t expect any psychoactive side effects.

3~Cannatonic ~A play on “catatonic,” the Cannatonic strain is one of the best for anxiety and stress.

This earthy strain is known for creating the warm fuzzies, Use this strain if you need a boost in your energy or mood, but with a dose of calmness.

Cannatonic typically contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, There are some euphoric effects from the THC, but its high CBD content prevents any real high. So, newcomers who are anxious about cannabis and THC can still enjoy it.

4~ Remedy~ Remedy is derived from Cannabis Indica, which often means that it is best for relaxation, reduced muscle tension and improved sleep.

Therefore, you should use Remedy if you are looking to stop insomnia and get a calming “body high.”

Like the previous strains Remedy has an earthy and citrusy flavor profile It’s a cross between Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk but it has a higher CBD to THC ratio than Cannatonic.

5~Pennywise ~ An Indica-dominant hybrid Pennywise is a cross between the Harlequin strain and the Jack the Ripper strain.

This is most likely where it gets its name which comes from the famed killer clown Like traditional clowns Pennywise is meant to make you happy.

Pennywise may be the perfect strain for depression and even PTSD. This is in part due to its near 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

You’ll get some of the happy-inducing high with the calming, balancing effects of the CBD and Indica-based properties, Its flavor profile is sweet with a hint of pepper.

6~ Harlequin ~Speaking of Pennywise, a harlequin is also a type of clown or jester It’s also the name of one of Pennywise’s cross-strains.

The name for this Sativa-dominant strain is fitting because it is likely to soothe pain increase energy and improve mood.

Most Harlequin strains have a 5-2 ratio of CBD to THC so you won’t get high despite being feeling happier,energetic and more sociable. 7~ Sour Tsunami~Sour Tsunami is a cross between Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel Therefore you can expect a sweet flavor with the unique aroma of diesel.

The strain’s CBD to THC ratio is about 1-1 specifically with CBD levels around 11 percent and THC levels up to 10 percent.

This may not be the best strain for beginners or the THC-averse because a slight high can be expected despite the calming balance of CBD.

8~ Ringo’s Gift~Ringo’s gift is similarly comprised of a 1-1 ratio.,However, if you want a strain that’s all about the CBD, you can often find ratios up to 20-1 CBD to THC.

The high-CBD versions of this strain are used by cancer patients and the medical community at large for pain relief.

Top10 & BEST High CBD cannabis strains 2019 ~ Marijuana Experts ~


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