U.S. Legal Cannabis Industry Under Attack 2

U.S. Legal Cannabis Industry Under Attack

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The legal cannabis industry is under attack in the United States. Much of the harm is coming from external sources.

The woefully biased mainstream media continues to publish anti-cannabis Fake News to discredit the legal industry. It also grossly exaggerates actual problems, like the vaping health issue.

This has been dubbed a “crisis” or even on “epidemic” by the irresponsible fearmongers of the mainstream media. This alleged “crisis” has now produced a total of 20 deaths.

In contrast, the Opioid Crisis kills more than 100 people per day in the U.S. The Alcohol Crisis kills more than 200 people per day in the U.S. (over 88,000 deaths per year). The Tobacco Crisis kills more than 1,300 people per day in the U.S. (480,000 deaths per year).

The anti-cannabis exaggerations of the mainstream media are despicable, particularly Big Media’s efforts to generate public hysteria over the vaping health problem. But the pseudo-science is simply absurd.

Such anti-cannabis fairy tales are still plentiful. Claiming that legalizing cannabis somehow increases deaths from the Opioid Crisis, despite plenty of real science showing that cannabis helps to decrease Opioid Deaths.

Then there is the especially reprehensible fairy tale that cannabis is (somehow) connected to gun massacres in the U.S. Really? And how many gun massacres have been committed by Canadians since Canada fully legalized cannabis nationally?

There continue to be the anti-cannabis fairy tales about supposed “dangers” associated with cannabis use. These have all been refuted by real science. Cannabis is safe.

It does not make people stupid. It does not impair “adolescent development”.

Then there were the Chicken Little warnings from the mainstream media that cannabis legalization itself would (somehow) cause harmful consequences. All fiction. Legalizing cannabis makes U.S. cities healthier.

The legal cannabis industry is under attack by political dinosaurs in the U.S. It is also under attack by shadowy anti-cannabis “public interest” groups that continue to lobby aggressively against cannabis legalization.

In both cases, these groups/individuals use the anti-cannabis fiction distributed by the mainstream media as ammunition to smear cannabis and the legal cannabis industry.

Then there is the general campaign to undermine the legal cannabis industry by the federal government. It starts with the stubborn refusal of the federal government to change the legal status of cannabis.

Cannabis is still legally equated with heroin. Completely absurd. Enough said about that.

However, federal Prohibition also undermines the legal cannabis industry in individual U.S. states 24/7. This starts with the fact that most legal cannabis companies don’t even have access to basic banking services in the United States.

Obviously, federal Prohibition is 100% responsible for the enormous cannabis black market in the United States. The size and scale of this cannabis black market is making it difficult for the legal cannabis industry to compete in most U.S. states. This is because most state governments continue to over-regulate and/or overtax the legal cannabis industry.

The FDA still hasn’t put in place industry regulations for CBD products, a full year after hemp legalization. The SAFE banking bill has been tortuously moving through Congress and is ultimately expected to be blocked by the Republican-controlled Senate.

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