Understanding the Analytical Techniques required to Characterize Cannabis & Hemp Samples 2

Understanding the Analytical Techniques required to Characterize Cannabis & Hemp Samples

Presented By:
Toby Astill, PhD – Sr. Business Manager for Cannabis & Hemp Markets, Perkin Elmer

Speaker Biography:
Dr. Toby Astill is PerkinElmer’s Sr. Business Manager focused on the Cannabis & Hemp Markets. Dr. Astill has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and has spent the last 10 years working in Science, Technology and Business Roles for leading technology companies. For the last 7 years he has worked for PerkinElmer, based in locations across the West Coast of Canada & US. Dr. Astill is now focused on driving PerkinElmer’s global cannabis and hemp initiatives; including but not limited to new product development, market & industry research, collaboration agreements with customers, application content development and field marketing initiatives.

Understanding the Analytical Techniques required to Characterize Cannabis & Hemp Samples

Webinar Abstract:
New analytical methods specific to cannabis and hemp matrices have been developed and qualified to allow cannabis laboratories to complete the entire Pesticide, Heavy Metal, Residual Solvent and Terpene assay. Data and methodology will be presented to show the long-term stability of the ICP-MS, LC/MS/MS and GC/MS- Head Space methods, simplicity of sample preparation and techniques to overcome matrix effects, robustness towards any contamination from the dirty matrices, and detection limits well below the State requirements. References will show that having a validated method and SOP for the cannabis testing industry is key in ensuring the highest quality of cannabis reaches the patient. In addition, the influences of the various cannabis sample types tested will be discussed, and details specified on how to handle flower, concentrates, and edibles.

Learning Objective:
• Understand the challenges in meeting regional regulation requirements for cannabis and hemp ​​​​​​
• Learn how to leverage ICP-MS, LC/MS/MS, and GC/MS-HS in a cannabis laboratory

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