Vacuum Packaging of Cannabis and Marijuana - Vacuum Sealer 2

Vacuum Packaging of Cannabis and Marijuana – Vacuum Sealer

The PVT Vacuum Sealer is the ultimate vacuum packaging machine for vacuum sealing bags of medicinal or recreational marijuana and cannabis.

This version of the PVT vacuum sealer is equipped with several options that prevent damage to delicate products such as dry marijuana.

The vacuum level sensor allows packages to be vacuumed to a precise level, in order to minimize damage to dry cannabis from over vacuuming. The vacuum level sensor also ensures repeatability of results, independent of the volume of marijuana in the package.

The vacuum level switch acts as a failsafe by setting the maximum vacuum pressure in the line.

The multi-stage options allows for multiple vacuum and gas cycles to reduce the residual oxygen level to an astounding 0.5%. This type of result ensures ultimate shelf life extension and product freshness when packaging dry cannabis.

The PVT vacuum sealer in this video is also equipped with Pac’s SureSeal digital interface. The interface includes 9 job storage, cycle counter, and a variety of other features.

This vacuum sealer is made in the USA and includes a 2 year limited warranty,

For more info on the PVT vacuum sealer for vacuum packaging dry cannabis or marijuana go to or email [email protected]


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