War on Syria, clear violation of international law :Tahsin al Halabi 2

War on Syria, clear violation of international law :Tahsin al Halabi

Press TV has conducted an interview with Tahsin al-Halabi, political analyst, about the US-led war rhetoric against Syria.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Let’s discuss the threats aimed at Damascus coming before the UN has made a final declaration on the use of chemical weapons, that means the US is gearing up for an attack with no hard evidence, and also as stated by Iran’s Leader, what could be the repercussions for Syria and for the region if this attack and military intervention takes place?

Al-Halabi: I estimate really that as long as certain Arab puppet regimes would participate against Syria in any USA West aggression, it will really enlarge the geography of the field of the world, because as long as USA would depend on certain countries like Jordan and like Turkey and not only Israel in this way, I am sure that the implications of such war would enlarge its geography to include certain other areas surrounding the boundaries of Syria.

Because first of all not only the Syrian army would defend its country, also the Syrian people itself would also be a militant on the field against such aggression whatever the size of such aggression would take place against any target in Syria.

Press TV: And what about the issue of international law when the US started “beating the drums of war” it hadn’t sought out any international backing or any resolution or mandate from the United Nations Security Council?

Al-Halabi: Yes it is a very clear violation of the international law because even Hagel said in the morning on the BBC that they did not ask the investigation committee of the United Nations to investigate in the responsibility of which side the armed groups or other side that [is] responsible for such chemical weapon on the Syrian territory because the intelligence of USA as Mr. Hagel said those are the parties that with the NATO would define who is responsible which is really clear accusation against the Syrian sovereignty and the Syrian government.

In this case we are sure that all other countries in the world would be against such violation of the international law because Mr. Hagel and the NATO would not depend on the United Nations investigation or on the United Nations tribune.

In this case they would depend on the information of their intelligence, the intelligence of the CIA and the MOSSAD, the Israeli MOSSAD in order to define who is responsible. In this way it will be really a catastrophe results as Imam Khamenei declared just a few hours before.


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