What Are The Rules Of War? 2

What Are The Rules Of War?

The Black Flag of ISIS Explained: http://testu.be/1Ej9SIx
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ISIS is arguably the most powerful terrorist group in the world right now. So how do they grow their ranks so effectively?

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ISIS Displaying a Deft Command of Varied Media

“The extremists who have seized large parts of Syria and Iraq have riveted the world’s attention with their military prowess and unrestrained brutality.”

The ISIS Twitter Census
“The Islamic State, known as ISIS or ISIL, has exploited social media, most notoriously Twitter, to send its propaganda and messaging out to the world and to draw in people vulnerable to radicalization.”

ISIS excels at recruiting American teens: Here are four reasons why
“Three Denver schoolgirls skipped class Friday to fly to Turkey to join ISIS.”

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What Does The ISIS Flag Mean? Black Flags Of Jihad Explained


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