What DMT Feels Like | Immersive Experience - ( Trip Report | DMT Sounds | Real Breakthrough ) 2

What DMT Feels Like | Immersive Experience – ( Trip Report | DMT Sounds | Real Breakthrough )

This video will take you on an immersive and interactive journey into the experience of DMT. Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy an interactive trip into the strange breakthrough world of DMT.

This audio journey shares the real experience of a DMT trip.

In this video:
What DMT feels like.
What DMT sounds like.
The DMT experience
Trip report
DMT Breakthrough experience
Immersive, Interactive Journey.

About DMT:

DMT or dimethyltryptamine is a fascinating drug, made famous, in part by celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Terence Mckenna, and Jim Carrey.

It is sometimes referred to as “The Spirit Molecule”. DMT seems to act as a portal to alternate dimensions, where one may meet all manner of entities.

Trip reports abound, but this video will explore the experience of DMT in a direct and interactive manner. Relax, and experience the DMT trip in real time.

Check out my other videos for info on DMT spiritual exploration, science, and my DMT documentary that aims to help educate those interested in the experience, dangers, and benefits of this fascinating compound.

▶ Please note, the following video has been created for education and harm reduction. We do not promote the use of these compounds personally nor do we want anyone to get the wrong idea and mistakenly believe that we do. These videos exist to help people be safe by properly educating them on safe use and on the very REAL potential dangers.

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