What is Biochemistry? 2

What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is the combination of majoring in biology and chemistry. As a biochemistry major you will take more classes related to chemistry until your 3rd and 4th year where you can choose electives in biology or chemistry. Biochemists are also required to do much more problem solving and math based problems than a biology major, who would do more memorization. Biochemistry majors take a majority of chemistry classes but then branch out to learn more about the chemical structures of biological systems. So you will know more about the chemistry of living things, whereas chemistry majors learn about the chemical compounds of everything. As a biochemist you can go into research and development of new drugs and medicine. Biochemists work with drug design and must analyze how the chemicals within the drug are going to interact with the human body. Biochemistry is also a good path to go if you want to become a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or dentist. In your later years at college you will be able to take elective classes that also have you lean more towards the biology or chemistry side depending on what you choose.


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