Which is Best, CBD or THC for an Awesome Night’s Sleep? 2

Which is Best, CBD or THC for an Awesome Night’s Sleep?

Marijuana has been demonstrated to help people fall into a peaceful sleep a lot easier. However, which of the two most prolific cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa (THC or CBD) actually help you sleep the best?

THC vs. CBD for Sleep: Which is Better?

Marijuana has been used for millennia as a convenient sleep aid, but it’s only recently that THC and CBD were understood to be different components that affect the body in different ways.

Thanks to a plethora of research conducted over the last few decades, we finally know how marijuana works with regard to our sleeping patterns, and how best to use it.

THC and CBD both help our sleep, but in extremely different ways. To recommend the right one for a bad night’s sleep requires an understanding of what is leading to their sleep difficulties, and how chronically they will need to use it.

Regardless of your choice, however, it’s important to remember the long term effects of taking either of them. Taking THC can negatively impact your sleep over the long term, while CBD has yet to be linked to any significant long term effects.

Hopefully, whatever you use will end up helping you get those ever your necessary Z’s. https://www.marijuanabreak.com/cbd-or-thc-for-an-awesome-nights-sleep

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