Who Should We Blame For Rising Sea Levels? 2

Who Should We Blame For Rising Sea Levels?

Recreational marijuana has now been legal in Colorado for 8 months. What are the effects of a legal pot state? Is it all that bad? Could decriminalizing marijuana work for other states?
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If You Support Legal Marijuana, Memorize These 13 States
“Regardless of your feelings about legalizing marijuana, it’s hard to deny that legal weed would be a bonanza for cash-strapped states, just as tobacco and alcohol already are.”

Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows
“Since Colorado voters legalized pot in 2012, prohibition supporters have warned that recreational marijuana will lead to a scourge of “drugged divers” on the state’s roads.”

After 5 Months of Sales, Colorado Sees the Downside of a Legal High

“Five months after Colorado became the first state to allow recreational marijuana sales, the battle over legalization is still raging.”

Infographic: Legal weed’s consequences
“Amendment 64 posed the question of legalisation to Colorado residents in a 2012 state referendum.”

No, marijuana isn’t a gateway drug
“There’s more evidence that marijuana does not, in fact, lead to harder drug use.”

What’s happened in Colorado and Washington since they legalized marijuana?
“So far, Colorado’s experiment with marijuana legalization has gone better than many critics expected. Washington, on the other hand, has barely gotten off the ground due to regulatory delays and a marijuana shortage.”


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