Wholesale Cannabinoids - Folium Biosciences 2

Wholesale Cannabinoids – Folium Biosciences

https://foliumbiosciences.com is the premiere producer of Cannbinoid products sourced from Industrial Certified Hemp in the U.S.A.

Dr. Raj Gupta PHD., our Chief Science Officer along with his staff of scientists have developed a revolutionary water soluble formula which manufacturers use round the clock.

Dr. Robert Silver DVM., MS., our Chief Veterinary Officer, has attended to cannabis related veterinarian cases since the year 2000.

By nature, pure cannabinoids are only oil solvent causing separation in virtually every edible and liquid product that doesn’t require an oil. This breakthrough brought creations like Phytocannabinoid Rich Water, Gummy Candy, and soda.

Organic food stores and other large distribution chains are rushing to get their hands on our selection of Organic, Non-GMO oils, pills, and edibles. As the world’s knowledge of cannabinoids increases, so will the global demand increase.

In our industry, companies who have not locked in an agreed upon supply quickly find themselves running out of stock.

Now, currently there is a global shortage of cannabinoid extracts because of the intense regulatory state of hemp. There is simply not enough industrially certified hemp to satisfy the entire globe, which is why our customers have asked us (and we agreed), to provide an monthly dedicated supply so that our customers have an endless supply of cannabinoids.


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