Why I Joined CTFO and Why You Shouldn't 2

Why I Joined CTFO and Why You Shouldn't


In this video, I’m going to share with you why I joined CTFO and why you shouldn’t.

Hi, my name is Rich O’Brien and that’s me mobile marketing from a hammock in Cancun Mexico.

I have a love hate relationship with affiliate and network marketing. In fact, I took almost a year off from actively marketing any new program. I just stuck to what I do well – creating tutorials and training for mobile and text message marketing.

Here’s what I discovered after a decade+ of online marketing biz-op programs

Most biz-ops are not created to last. If you’ve been looking to make money online I can almost guarantee you’ve joined countless programs. So have I.
The owners are in on the scam. Watch how they recreate the same program with new names every 6 months.
The leaders of these programs always know when to ditch the program and move to the next big thing.
There’s often very little value or substance to the product. In fact, the product is generally there to give the appearance of not being a scam – but really is.
Who gets hurt? The regular guy and gal.

Why do good people keep joining program after program? There’s lots of reasons, among them are:

They need to meet an immediate financial problem.
They hate their job or have very little prospect of moving ahead financially
They want to do things like travel and have nice stuff.
They are retired and bored.

The reason why they join those big dollar instant pay programs and not a legit opportunity like CTFO is they want or need money now. They believe they can make $5000 – $10,000 within 30 days.

This is one reason why you shouldn’t join CTFO. You’re not going to be flashing benjamins riding in a new Benz by next month.

I’ll talk a little later about some other reasons why you shouldn’t join CTFO. But let me first talk about why I, as a successful online marketer, decided to join.

CBD Helped me. I was vacationing in Washington state. While on a long hike through a green forest my feet were dying. When I got back to the RV, my sister in law shared with my some CBD cream. I rubbed it on and poof! My pain began to subside.
It’s easy to refer others. People talk about their pains all of the time. They also talk about their dogs, their weight, their wrinkles, their lack and energy and poor health. It’s easy to say, ‘have you tried CBD?’ Odds are they haven’t.
Zero Start Up Costs. This is probably the craziest thing about the company. They made it so that anyone – regardless if they bought a CBD product – could refer others and earn a little scratch.
Their Website looks cool. This is just a me thing, but I appreciate when a site functions well, is designed where the newbie can easily figure out what to do, and doesn’t glitch out. Normally, I would be embarrassed to send a family member to some of the affiliate programs I’ve promoted in the past, but not so with CTFO.
The owners get paid like reps. That means the better the compensation plan, the more they get paid. In a way, you can get paid like an owner.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t join CTFO as a business opportunity.

You’re anti-hemp. Even though there is no THC (the psychoactive element in pot) some people don’t want to be associated with weed.
You want Quick Riches. Don’t get me wrong, the comp plan is good, But, we’re selling products generally under a $100. You’ve got to grow a team to see the big bucks.
You don’t like to work or network. So many of these money making programs appeal to our worst nature – we all want something for nothing. You’ve got to share CTFO to see it grow. Have you ever planted a flower and not watered it in the Summer for a few days? It dies. If you don’t keep your pipeline full of interested prospects, you won’t have much of a business. If you don’t like to work or can’t work, then don’t join as a rep expecting something for nothing.

For those of you that want to see the 2020s be different from the 2010’s, don’t mind doing a little networking, and are excited that the US has finally legalized CBD, I invite to check out my CBD business.

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