Why The DMT Realm Is Real 2

Why The DMT Realm Is Real

Why The DMT Realm Is “Real”

Be sure to watch till the end. The evidence gets stronger and stronger.

This video is going to be listing a compilation of ideas, theories, and scientific data/experiments regarding the nature of reality, quantum mechanics, the nature of consciousness, and the universe in general. All of which support the existence of DMT “Hyperspace” and the Interdimensional Entities which inhabit it.

If you have anything to add to the discussion please comment below. Trip reports, facts, opinions, philosophies, etc. Anything relating to the topic would be very much appreciated.

More conscious videos and music soon to come. Stay tuned.

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Everything Is Energy-

Everything Is Energy and Science Has Proved It – Here Is How

Visible Light Spectrum-

Sacred Geometry And Resonance Experiments-

The OM Sound Visualized Through Cymatics

Terrence McKenna Psychedelic Mysteries-

DMT Is Everywhere-

Quantum Mechanics & The Spooky Nature Of Reality-



DMT Alpha Waves- (Yeah, I know it’s a reddit link but don’t worry it provides the source for the video and the study done. Also has interesting discussion)-

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