Will there be "nothingness" after we die? 2

Will there be "nothingness" after we die?

Join me as I talk about the absurdity of nothing as something, in this case “blackness”. This is a widely held belief among many atheists and others. I’m an atheist but I see “nothingness after death” as a logical fallacy that implies the continuation of the one that died- by undergoing this “black void”. You might be skeptical of my claim that it is a widely held belief, but I implore you do do a Twitter search for such sentiments. Also search in the comments of any YouTube video about “what happens after we die?” You’re bound to find many examples of this sentiment. Do a survey of your own on your social media accounts – simply ask atheists “what happens after we die?” – if they say “nothing”, ask them to explain what that means. If they say “you cease to exist” then ask them what it will mean to no longer exist. They will tell you anything except “As long as there’s an organism born (somewhere in the universe) after you’ve ceased to exist there will be an experience via that new organism.”

(Even if that’s not what happens, something has to happen because something is the only thing that can exist. If “nothing happened” that’d make nothing something.)

Some of these atheists might say “that’s what I meant by ‘nothing'”, So then you must ask yourself why didn’t they say it?


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